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Polluted by MonsieurDisaster Polluted :iconmonsieurdisaster:MonsieurDisaster 5 4
Z-Parasites Mission 10 Entry - Valor (Final Page)
This mantis on steroids was actually... Around 8 feet tall, a few inches taller than Zach in his symbiotic form... Still, when you are paralyzed with fear facing a general: a person placed in that position for a reason! Who is death-glaring at you and has sharp as hell appendages ready to slash through your flesh, trust me, you too, would see Hector as the giant monster he's morphed into.
"Pollux to Zach!! Sorry to interrupt your staring contest but I'd recommend you FUCKING MOVE BEFORE HE KILLS US BOTH!" Zach blinked back into reality, scrambling to his feet and running away from where Mega-Hector had spawned. He nearly tripped on his own paws as he ran at full speed towards a room with an open door. Stupid idea considering what he had gone through not too long ago but this wasn't a time to think, it was a time to act, heck, anytime a huge insect is flying towards you at terrifyingly crazy fast speed is a time to act. Once past the door to the room, Zach spun on his heel, grabb
:iconmonsieurdisaster:MonsieurDisaster 1 0
Hananoki Academy - Takashi Natsuo by MonsieurDisaster Hananoki Academy - Takashi Natsuo :iconmonsieurdisaster:MonsieurDisaster 8 7 Hotline Gangs - Jason Roux by MonsieurDisaster Hotline Gangs - Jason Roux :iconmonsieurdisaster:MonsieurDisaster 15 1 Daycare Meme ft. Zach and Pollux by MonsieurDisaster Daycare Meme ft. Zach and Pollux :iconmonsieurdisaster:MonsieurDisaster 8 12
Z-Parasites Mission 10 Entry - Valor (Page 4)
A cool breeze greeted Zach as he stepped through the building doors. He looked around, inspecting the ruined structure that may become his grave. Woah, wait, grave? Jeez! Pollux! We're not dying here!! Ugh. Anyway, Zach noticed vegetation starting to engulf the building and large holes where the sunlight easily shone through, making it look as if the building had the electricity it once had years ago in the entrance where the polar bear infected analyzed the area. One loud huff was all Zach needed to give before continuing into the place. He went at a slightly faster pace than he did back at the stadium entry, this time because he knew that the faster he confronted Hector the better... If he ever did that is.
"That isn't going to work twice on me" without hesitation, Zach lept forward landing on his front paws and giving himself enough impulse to roll over his own shoulder and finish off on a kneeling position facing the area where the wires would have held him, "Huh, not
:iconmonsieurdisaster:MonsieurDisaster 3 0
[AFTERFACT] Phillip Maurer by MonsieurDisaster [AFTERFACT] Phillip Maurer :iconmonsieurdisaster:MonsieurDisaster 10 2 DEFENDERS - Nathanael N. Maddox by MonsieurDisaster DEFENDERS - Nathanael N. Maddox :iconmonsieurdisaster:MonsieurDisaster 23 17
Z-Parasites Mission 10 Entry - Valor (Page 3)
What where the chances? One in five, yes but, seriously? Whatever, going back to Hector speaking:
"Really, I mean how experienced are you in fighting, kid? What are you going to do?" He asked in a smooth, mocking tone. Footsteps echoed in the distance.
"I am here to get you back, general. One way or another" Zach replied.
"AHAHA! Aaah! Such confidence, sad this will be the last day anyone hears that from you."
Came a painful blow to the head that sent Zach flying away to the nearest wall with a loud thud. Zach groaned and stood himself up with the help of his front paws and prepared to leap forward and claw at the mantis infected.
"Kick his ass!" Hissed Pollux. Zach lept, landing on all fours to propel himself forward, dashing at an incredible speed. The sun was at a decent position that allowed for better vision in what used to be a dark entrance, better for Zach. He dashed out of the entrance. "Woah! What? This isn't what I meant, human!!"
"We would've been too vulnerable in
:iconmonsieurdisaster:MonsieurDisaster 2 0
Z-Parasites Mission 10 Entry - Valor (Page 2)
Zach stared up at the large entrance to the stadium, his goggles glistening in the distant sunrise. This was larger than what he expected. The charcoal colored walls of the stadium and the huge gaping hole that stood right in front of him, like a portal to hell, was honestly enough to bring shivers down Zach's spine. The fact that there was a faint scent of blood didn't help ease his nerves either. He scrunched his nose and took one cautios step forward after another, hoping his strong paws wouldn't alert anyone of his presence just yet.
"You should've waited until the sun was up" an all too familiar voice rumbled in Zach's head, "Instead we came to this strange location at an inhumanly early hour to struggle our way through a load of trash in a dumpster you all used to know as a football stadium" Pollux growled, taking his apparition right in Zach's line of sight, "Go back, fuck this mission. We'll get our ass beat anyway, these guys are goddamn GENERALS we're dealing with" Zach huffe
:iconmonsieurdisaster:MonsieurDisaster 2 0
Z-Parasites Mission 10 Entry - Valor (Page 1)
Zach layed on the cold floor of his room face down, arms crossed over each other to give his chin a comfy support for him to lay it on. He had gone back to being a lazy bear locked up in his room after the snowboarding event, occasionally going out to go over his training so he'd stay sharp and also going to the kitchen to steal a snack or five, er, two sneaking past Hector, the newer general of the Harmony, to get to the good stuff. He was never noticed, or, at least, Hector didn't care. Either way, Zach managed to get himself entertained and fed (more than he needs).
He sighed, pushing himself up from the floor with his arms and stretched. Today he felt like running, doing something tiring and exciting.
"Heh, yeah, what do you think Pollux? Want get some blood really pumping in our veins?" Zach asked enthusiastically to his polar bear parasite as he continued to stretch his body,
"No" Pollux replied bluntly, letting a quiet snarl escape him. Pollux was never the one to be active, in
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Mutant by MonsieurDisaster Mutant :iconmonsieurdisaster:MonsieurDisaster 2 0 Meow-mazing by MonsieurDisaster Meow-mazing :iconmonsieurdisaster:MonsieurDisaster 3 2 Snowboard Event pg. 5 by MonsieurDisaster Snowboard Event pg. 5 :iconmonsieurdisaster:MonsieurDisaster 3 3 Snowboard Event pg. 4 by MonsieurDisaster Snowboard Event pg. 4 :iconmonsieurdisaster:MonsieurDisaster 1 1 Snowboard Event pg. 3 by MonsieurDisaster Snowboard Event pg. 3 :iconmonsieurdisaster:MonsieurDisaster 1 1


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Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

tagged by danielanimales1

001. Real Name: Perseus

002. Nickname: Percy, Jonah (Jojo), Winter, Stitch, Cupid, Pinocchio (holy shit, must I go on?), etc, etc...

003. Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

004. Male Or Female: Male

005. Elementary: Ye

006. Middle School: Ye (x2)

007. High School: One more semester and I'm free

008. Hair Colour: Black

009. Long Or Short: Medium/short

010. Loud Or Quiet: Both

011. Sweats Or Jeans: Both

012. Phone Or Camera: Both

013. Health Freak: Yes but no

014. Drink Or Smoke: Depends on what I'm smoking

015. Do You Have A Crush On Someone: Everything

016. Drawing or writing: Both

017. Piercings: Just ears

018. Tattoos: Not currently. Designing one for the future.


019. Airplane: Ye

020. Car Accident: Ye (x2)

021. Fist Fight: Ye (x3) They got fucked

022. First piercing: Ears

023. First Best Friend: Diana. Fuck you.

024. First Instrument: Piano.

025. First award: Writing award on Elementary. Wrote about my grandpa r.i.p

026. First Crush: This bitch called Jonathan

027. First Language: Spanish, English came next

028. First Big Vacation: Didney land in California.


029. Last Person you talked to: My blood brother

030. Last Person You Texted: My school weeb squad

031. Last Person You Watched: Uh? Strangers?

032. Last Food You Ate: Shrimp tacos

033. Last Movie You Watched: Assassins Creed

034. Last Song You listened To: This is Gospel

035. Last Thing You Bought: Shrimp tacos

036. Last Person You Hugged: My grandma


037. Food: Bacon, Rare cooked steaks.

038. Drinks: Ph D. Pepper, strawberry milkshakes

039. Clothing: Anything comfortable and aesthetically pleasing

040. Book: Grendel

041. Colour: Crimson red, mint green, sometimes orange

042 Flower: Baby's breath

043: Music: All types

044. Movies: All types (x2)

045. Shoes: Vans or no shoes at all

046. Subjects: History, Biology, Astronomy

IN THE LAST YEAR I..... (2016)

047. Kissed In The Snow [ We don't even get snow.. . ]

048. Celebrated Halloween [ Always ]

049. Had Your Heart Broken [ Haha, I care too little for this type of bs ]

050. Went Over The Minutes On Your Cell Phone [ Ah, the joys of having no service ]

051. Someone Questioned Your Sexual Orientation [ No, it's p clear to all with eyes ]

052. Came Outta The Closet [ Since 2012 ]

053. Gotten Pregnant [ No ]

054. Had An Abortion [ I am an abortion ]

055. Did Something You've Regretted [ Living ]

056. Broke A Promise [ Never ]

057. Kept A Secret [ Always ]

058. Pretended To Be Happy [ Always ]

059. Met Someone Who Changed Your Life [ Myself ]

060. Pretended To Be Sick [ Since Pre-K ]

061. Left The Country [ Every weekend ha ]

062. Tried something you normally wouldn't like, and liked it. [ ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ]

063. Cried Over The Silliest Thing [ Extreme mood swings d00ds ]

064. Ran A Mile [ Ah, JROTC ]

065. Went To The Beach [ Ye ]

066. Stayed Single [ Ye (x2) ]


067. Eating: Popcorn

068. Drinking: Coka-Cola

069. Getting Ready To: Stick it up ur hole

070. Listening To: Cinepolis radio thing

071. Plans For Tomorrow: Print my poem out

072. Waiting For: The movie to start


073. Want Kids: My dogs are my kids

074. Want To Get Married: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

075. Careers in mind: Wildlife conservation//Animation or Criminal investigation


076. Lips Or Eyes : Both

077. Shorter Or Taller: B: Taller G: Shorter

078. Romantic Or Spontaneous: Botg

079. Nice Stomach Or Nice Arms: Both

080. Sensitive Or Loud: Depends

081. Hookup Or Relationship: Depends on me

082. Troublemaker Or Hesitant: D E P E N D S


083. Lost Glasses/Contacts: Never

084. Ran Away from home?: Haha

085. Held A Weapon: P nice shotgun

086. Killed Somebody: Physically or emotionally?

087. Broken Someone's Heart: Oh, Cupid you cruel entity ;v

088. Been Arrested: Is being an inpatient at a mental hospital count? Bcs it felt like it


090. Yourself: I don't really care but yea sure

091. Miracles: No

092. Love At First Sight: Not really

093. Heaven: No

094. Santa Claus: Of course not

096. Magic: Yea


097. Is There One Person You Wanna Be With, Right Now: Not person but my dog

098. Are You Seriously Happy With Where You Are, In Life: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

099. Do You Believe In God: Gods* just not sure which ones...

100. Post As 100 Truths And Tag five:
No, fuck u


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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States Minor Outlying Islands
My name is Zachary. I am a 17 year old nerd who draws as a hobby. I am also an amateur voice actor but that's another tale to tell.
Anyway, I love to meet new people (though, I'm not the best at conversing with them hah) so feel free to shoot me a message.
I do like to do art trades.
I especially like point commissions. ;0

I am bilingual and speak Spanish and English. I am currently learning French and Chinese (Mandarin).


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